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Grey Divorce

After years of living together, lying together, fighting and crying together, laughing at the same jokes and grieving with regret for losses never to be regained – someone asks for a divorce. Where is the source of discontent? What charged the impulse to say yes to infidelity? Questions never to be answered within the legal system. […]

Where Do You Find Peace

I met a man who gave me a gift. I thought I found peace. I heard a story that made sense to me. I thought I found peace. I saw a film that moved me to my core. I thought I found peace. I found my voice. I thought I found peace. I did purposeful […]

Rosh and Hashanah

Being an older mother of 2 sibling pups is hard work. They keep me up at night, strain my back, distract me from my work, and have me avoiding piles of sh*t walking on my front lawn, side yard and back yard. They are sleeping now and it is the best sound. When I hold […]


Life is relatively short given that the possibility of death being forever is true. It’s not always about living big as much as it is living true. A meaningful, purposeful existence enlarges every moment and expands our capacity to enjoy a life time. Questions that plague us for answers are merely obsessional distractions of electric […]

My Mother’s Shoes

‘Heidi’ was my favorite book growing up. I had a relationship with my maternal grandfather much like the one Heidi did. My parents were busy. I think they gave him to me to love. I think they gave him to me to feel loved. My mother gave me my first dog ‘Rusty’. To this day, […]

They say it’s Spring

Creating meaningfulness where the emptiness, loneliness, anger, shame and guilt lie is like taking a swing at a tennis ball and hitting air. What just happened? How far away was I? Reconciliation with self, then others, takes on a lot of time. Walking alone feels right; walking with others awkward. Laughing is a miserable experience […]

The Year the Earth Stood Still

A lack of transparency marked 2016.The great entertainer upstaged the protagonist and all the prognosticators got it wrong. On a smaller, but no less relevant scale, I got it wrong too. From the political scientist whose misrepresentation of himself initially struck a chord to the photographer whose lens was almost always out of focus, I […]