Rana Glick, MA, LMFT

Marriage Therapist, Divorce Coach, & Family Mediator

Therapy: Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups 

I am repeatedly amazed over my years of practice, at the courage and willingness so many people have when entering a therapeutic relationship with me. Walking that solitary road, with only the faintest beacon of light and often overshadowed by the fog of disquiet, is a commitment not for the faint hearted.

My approach is old school – listen to the words in between. Chance an intervention only when confident of the other’s ability to digest, to hear, to find useful. Be curious, be respectful, be quiet too. Learn your pace, your rhythm, your style. Align with and challenge gently. Take in the big picture and the not so little details. Do not dismiss as irrelevant any part of the story.

We’ll use the first session to experience one another and check out our comfort level. Whether working individually or as a couple, feeling comfortable and respected is essential to the process. As a systemically trained therapist, I’ll do a genogram of your family, looking for ‘out of the ordinary experiences’ that could have affected your development.

Additionally, I run small groups for 6-8 sessions over 90 minute meetings. Topics for groups I’ve worked with in the past have included: Intimate Treason: Healing The Trauma For Partners Confronting Addiction; Divorce Is The Pits, So Stop Digging; Taking The War Out Of Our Words;  Stress Reduction and Meditation; and, most recently, Collaborative Divorce – What You Need To Know Going Forward.

For Individuals

Because choosing a therapist is based on style and approach, we’ll meet for the first session not only to gain insight into your background and goals but to experience one another’s comfort level with the other.

My approach to individual therapy is eclectic, a combination of approaches suitable and unique to each client I meet. My training began in family systems theory and has evolved to include the narrative piece as well as the experiential. Early interests included object relations theory, Jungian psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I accept Highmark and Aetna insurances. It is, however, each patient’s responsibility to confirm coverage before we meet. Deductibles, co-pays and even my participation in your particular insurance plan is not necessarily a given.  I am happy to provide you with an invoice, should you want one to get reimbursement directly.

For Couples and Families

As a marriage and family therapist, my training is especially attuned to the systemic relationship among and between individuals in intimate relationships. I do not identify any one person as the identified patient. Insurance companies require, however, that one person or the other are identified as the patient for claims related reimbursement.

Couples know one another better than I ever will and I do not breach that relationship without being asked to step in. Families have a strong hold on one another and unless I become part of the dynamics, without becoming ‘of’ the system, resistance to change is overwhelming.

Your commitment to change requires a hard look. I offer a perspective that is learned from lending an ear to listen to the messages imbedded in your words. Change happens when we least expect it and it’s a beautiful thing when it does.