Rana Glick, MA, LMFT

Beyond Therapy™

I am a PA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the State College Centre County area for 30 years.

I offer relationship therapy – which includes prenuptial counseling, integrative couples therapy and uncoupling facilitation prior to and during divorce proceedings. Divorce coaching, within either the collaborative or litigious models, co-parenting preparation and family mediation are additional services available. I can help you both design a divorce package unique to your needs while working side by side with attorneys and combine the processes of therapy and mediation to reunify couples and families post divorce. I have some expertise in directing and facilitating clients who exhibit symptoms of pornography and sexual addiction and feelings of intimacy betrayal using effective techniques referred to as non-defensive communication skills.

Often, my clients are referred to me through reputation and word of mouth.

In recent years my practice has shifted focus from primarily therapy to include non-adversarial models of divorce including the collaborative interdisciplinary model with mediative facilitation. When considering divorce, please consider these non-adversarial approaches and reconsider your temptation to contact a litigious divorce attorney immediately. Although the legal aspect to divorce is a significant piece, the emotional, psychological, financial and familial piece is far more daunting, time consuming and financially draining. Avoiding these frustrations from the beginning, and employing a non-adversarial attorney’s legal input as necessary to conclude your divorce is not only emotionally and fiscally wise, it serves to set the tone and balance for future communication exchanges.

Whether your interest is in a commitment to therapy or divorce related issues, we will meet, evaluate and mutually decide on the next right choice for you and that includes the attorneys I’ve come to trust and work side by side with. My office offers you the privacy and respect for confidentiality not experienced in corporate waiting rooms or sterile office settings.

Please refer to my blog to read timely issues on relationships, divorce, co-parenting and family facilitation.

New self-pay therapy clients are currently being accepted. 

Virtual sessions only.

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