Rana Glick, MA, LMFT

Marriage Therapist, Divorce Coach, & Family Facilitator

Rana Glick

When I was asked to participate in a local collaborative divorce practice group almost 8 years ago accepting the invitation was a perfect choice. The collaborative mental health training and clinical application requires a maturity of mind and spirit for which this phase in my career is perfectly suited. Since devoting thirty plus years to relationship issues: individual, couple, family and group,  it was time to look at separation and divorce as a potentially positive transformation of self and relationships.

I serve on several collaborative committees with my overriding commitment to education, ethics and standards of practice as your collaborative practitioner. As a matter of good and current practice standards of a family facilitator,. I attend workshops across the country meeting and accumulating up to date research data and clinical feedback through mentor relationships with the most seasoned and learned professionals in the fields of mediation, collaborative divorce models and marriage and family therapy.

Spreading the word on the collaborative divorce approach by sharing, promoting and exchanging new ideas and modalities of practice is my passion. Affording couples of all economic means the way to uncouple without using their children’s college funds, overloading themselves with years of credit card debt, or tapping into their retirement funds is my goal. By ‘unbundling’ services in a divorce with few encumbrances is a significant alternative to current ideologies and practice. Building ‘Bundling Packages’ for your unique circumstances is accomplished after a thorough evaluation of your needs. As an analogy, consider the options in buying a car, deciding which vehicle is in your price range and comfort level and take it a step further by considering the investment in the future needs of you and your growing or shrinking family.

Educating yourself through all of your options is my job  My commitment to your well-being and that of your family throughout the uncoupling process is a holistic approach. The crisis of transition cannot be successfully navigated without an experienced mental health practitioner, not just a mediator, not just a therapist, not just a parenting coordinator, not just an attorney but a family facilitator educated, licensed, certified and experienced. An attorney is always part of the equation because divorce is  a legal matter settled in the court.

Whether an appointment is scheduled for therapy, separating or divorce coaching or family facilitation, you have my commitment to work with you as hard as you are willing to work. I might add that the hard work or life practice never ends if we are attempting to live to our fullest potential. We can see ourselves most fully in every relationship we create; we can see our regrets and triumphs, doubts and fears, motivations and intentions.

Active Memberships include:

AAMFT – American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

AFCC –  Association of Family and Conciliatory Court

IACP – International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

IACP Profile