Grey Divorce

After years of living together, lying together, fighting and crying together, laughing at the same jokes and grieving with regret for losses never to be regained – someone asks for a divorce. Where is the source of discontent? What charged the impulse to say yes to infidelity? Questions never to be answered within the legal system.

Is Amicable Divorce an oxymoron or a possibility? Can healing come from suffering? Both hold truth. If you have passion about something, why not direct it toward moving on with your lives with dignity and respect. It will take work and a shift in perspective.

Are you worth it? Are your children?

Where Do You Find Peace

I met a man who gave me a gift. I thought I found peace. I heard a story that made sense to me. I thought I found peace. I saw a film that moved me to my core. I thought I found peace. I found my voice. I thought I found peace. I did purposeful work. I thought I found peace. I relived my memories. I thought I found peace. I was gracious, giving and grateful and full of compassion. I thought I found peace.

I found peace when I stopped looking for it.


How Do You Know That You Are Doing The Right Thing

When sleep comes easily, when the bird lets you stroke it more than once, when you find that giving outweighs receiving. when the joy felt from receiving is overwhelmingly simply felt, when the cat purrs next to you and your pups come to you by name, when you feel competitive but winning is not as important, when you are who you do not pretend to be, when your adult child says I miss you and you sit at her table as a friend, listening to her words and how she thinks … then you know.