Hurricane Serena

Had I not gone through the last 6 months, with just slight chest pain, a few days that I thought I could not survive and a handful of sleepless nights, I would not have understood what it is like to stand on the other side of a tennis court with Serena.

In the infamous words of the great Oz: nobody, just nobody, gets in to see the Wizard., Translated from Freudian psychology that means you have to pay your dues. But isn’t it the kicker when you know your dues have been paid, and the great and powerful Oz is a Freud – I mean fraud.

I have personally come to believe in that grasshopper who hopped unexpectedly into my container of non-toxic hair dye, became coated with the damn stuff and suffered for at least an hour before it croaked.

Well of course I checked on him/her, several times, moving it from place to place thinking if I were this grasshopper where would I like my last few moments of gasping for breath and damning myself for my last hop on earth to be?

I finally settled ‘it’ into the butterfly garden, in a bed of green leafy threads to cover me. Kinda like the refuge I take between my organic comforter and sheets when ‘I take to my bed’ as I did, as Dorothy did and I suppose Serena does, when we just can’t fight anymore and we settle in for what is.