They say it’s Spring

Creating meaningfulness where the emptiness, loneliness, anger, shame and guilt lie is like taking a swing at a tennis ball and hitting air. What just happened? How far away was I?

Reconciliation with self, then others, takes on a lot of time. Walking alone feels right; walking with others awkward. Laughing is a miserable experience afterward. Crying just seems to come naturally.

If the amaryllis plant can spring up for the fifth year without so much as a little water, so can I speak without my voice cracking as it once did.


The Snow Is Deep

Veiled in the busi ness of the day lies the under belly of emotion.

The Year the Earth Stood Still

A lack of transparency marked 2016.The great entertainer upstaged the protagonist and all the prognosticators got it wrong. On a smaller, but no less relevant scale, I got it wrong too. From the political scientist whose misrepresentation of himself initially struck a chord to the photographer whose lens was almost always out of focus, I desperately held on to what I thought was a better reality, until I didn’t. In this case, the trees were replaced by the parking lot but the blades of grass that sprung up from the spaces in between represent renewal and promise in 2017.

Have a good one.