It’s Almost Thanksgiving

What a glorious Fall this has been. The colors were magnificent this year and the air crisp and clean. The promise of a new year is closing in and with it the wonder of the unknown. Just when you think you’re free from the past – it comes back to bite you in a text. Can we ever find comfort in the past and live fully in the not knowing what the future brings?
I ruminate, I write, I do – all of which to say is I try to live most fully, most ethically, most rightly for myself.
I am not a simple person living in a complicated world. I am fraught, at times, with anguish – negativity, regret. What we do with all of that is what matters, not that we ‘have’ it. It’s not us, just synapsis firing at random. We are not the diagnosis – that’s just a way of simply talking amongst ourselves hoping for a shared understanding.
Really, if you want to understand – listen between the words, discard the labels and be thankful you are who you are in all your glory.

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